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A Belizean Lifestyle Experience!!!

DSC01351In Punta Gorda, Belize (Central America), on my regular morning bike ride along the coast this morning.  It is so refreshing, relaxing and just plain ole wonderful.

Have had a full schedule.  Something new each day.  This is just a quick overview of some of the things I have experienced in Belize:

  • Fresh homemade vegetarian food just about everyday, prepared by chef Gomier at his restaurant.  (He is going to be our special guest chef on the upcoming sailing trip!
  • Morning bicycle rides and/or walks.  Bike riding into town up to 4/5 times a day…loving it!
  • Meeting new people everyday!  Locals and expats.  This is a fascinating country.  The pace is slow, calm, harmonious and exciting to me…all at the same time!
  • Went to Placencia from Punta Gorda, using the public transportation, including a bus and water taxi.
  • On my first ever sailing trip, we did a ‘dry run’ of the upcoming Belize Sailing trip.  We were out sailing on a 46′ Catamaran for 10 hours, nonstop, with Chris, a local captain, wBelizeBusinessTrip1ho will be one of our captains on the upcoming Belize Sailing trip.   We did not stop at the cayes (islands) that will be the trip will destinations, but had an opportunity to see where we will be sailing to…all I can say is FABULOUS!  Skip, our videographer/producer traveled with us.
  • Walked the Placencia Village, stopped at the Barefoot Bar where just the drink menu is about 5 pages long.  There was great live music, and we got the party started when we got up to dance.
  • Discovered Robert’s Grove Resort.  Talk about ‘Jungle Sheik’ this is the epitome of it!  Ate at all 3 restaurants while there. Visited all 3 pools, and it is right at the shore of the Caribbean Sea.  Previewed the fabulous rooms and the beautiful grounds.  Plan for our New Year’s Eve getaway…more to come!

All of this was just in the first week!  I have another week and a half to go!  Thomas, my business partner and host is great!  All I can say now is, look for some fantastic adventures in the future!  He has planned a lot more for this week.  All I can say, as this is a working trip…somebody has got to do it…why not me?!  Oh…did I mention…the Belize dollar is 2 to 1 U.S. dollar.  In other words, $50 U.S. dollars will get you $100 Belize dollars!

Well, I must close now, sitting here on the deck at Gomier’s Restaurant, looking over at the Caribbean Sea, feeling the wonderful breeze, and sipping on one of his special fruit juice recipes.  Life is Good!

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